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found objects, spray paint, performance

variable (time) dimensions 


A pop-up yet site-specific project, xy feet apart builds dialog between unanimated objects.

The artist takes on the role of the performer by interfering with the natural order of found objects. Altering the distances between them and pinning them to new coordinates of an imaginary web result in a transformed compositional value. With a transcendent operating method this art-work contradictorily appropriates and makes use of given matter. If xy feet apart’s goal was a finished product with an added artistic value, it would amount to a series of three-dimensional short stories. 

Instead, the core of the artwork is its formation itself. Blurring the line between the audience and the artist, production and presentation, xy feet apart is not an exhibition opening for an artwork; focusing on the process rather than the result, it transports art work from back to front stage. 

The performance took place at Kuehlhaus Berlin as a part of The Sessions Berlin project.

Photo credit: Lana Immelman

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