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A time-based project

(Un)Trusted Source, A Series of Invisible Practices is a cross-disciplinary time-based project. Each of its chapters starts with on-site research, concludes with a documentary spatial installation, and focuses on the artistic process occurring between the two confining
stages. Following this structure, chapters independently target specific geopolitical problems reflected in micro phenomena using performance as the main artistic medium. Operating collectively, they address the overarching multilayered concept of representation and perception’s relation to the former. The artwork draws from representation as a concept in art theory to address it in society - in an interspace where the concept and the medium become interchangeable through trans-disciplinary approach. In (Un)Trusted Source, A Series of Invisible Practices, performance as a medium acts as a structural intersection. Intrinsically tied to research and documentation, the outset and the outcome, it abandons the role of the protagonist, and it develops behind the scenes. Stemming from everyday indicators of discrimination, the chaptered performative acts set themselves in dialog with the environment, challenging the unfounded value discrepancies in society. The performative acts are executed outside the white cube and as a direct response to the surroundings. What we are used to perceiving as artistic value - and would arguably set aside a performative act from an act of daily routine - is lost in translation. (Un)trusted Source, A Series of Invisible Practices ultimately interacts with the audience through the conclusive presentation of independent spatial installations. Although composed of evidential fragments functioning as three-dimensional essays, the installations fail to provide a direct link proving the performance occurred. Existing in the void caused by the lack of representation, this project lingers between fiction and reality, and it is in this exact space that it questions how we interpret events based on their portrayal. It challenges the audience to interrogate the importance we apply to what occurs according to how it was depicted and who it
was depicted by.



During the three consecutive years of the artist’s stay in Ljubljana, Slovenia’s capital, the Yugoslavian born Slovenian artist performs Ramadan fasting.

(Un)Trusted Source, A Series of Invisible Practices, Chapter I, was co-produced by Obalne Galerije Piran

Photo credit: Niko Mally, Archive of Obalne Galerije Piran

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