engraving on a composed paper wall

150 cm x 300 cm 


Rock, paper, wall is an artwork that challenges the definition and the concept of what a book is or can be. It is composed of nine singular sheets of paper that form a wall, while the paper used for the realisation of this artwork is made of stone. Each sheet of paper - each segment of the wall - acts as a singular poem through the text that has been engraved on it. Placed next to each other in a specific order, the poems do not function just individually, but can be read in various directions, with different lengths and conclusions. Rock, paper, wall’s engravings do not cut the paper’s surface, instead they create creases. The engraved creases remain to be seen and read as a predetermined tentative of contact, that has not been developed fully. The paper wall continues to exist questioning the concept of division, its inner relationships, limits and borders. 

This project was realised during a residency period and with the support of Dolomiti Contemporanee.

Curated by Gianluca D'Incà Levis

Photo credit: Giacomo De Donà