site-specific installation, salt, plaster, collection, recomposition, dimensions of a standard Venetian brick, 2019

Module is an artwork made during a workshop organized and curated by a group of young artists working and living in Venice. 
Contemporarily, it is also an initiative to provide these artists with a base that would act as a working space, open to events and collaborations.*

Absorbing lagoon water, bricks of Venetian palaces also absorb salt. During the drying process, the salt molecules expand, thus causing the plaster to fall off the walls and bricks to break down and turn to powder. These residual materials were collected and reused to form a brick, representing a module; a fundamental, independent unit that can be used to construct. The module is made of salt, collected off the walls that discharged it. The pulverized plaster fallen off these same walls is used as pigment to manufacture paint with which the module is covered. In this symbolic recomposition, the principal brick material is interchanged, but the fragility level of both remains the same. With time, the module will dissolve and return to powder. The artwork will stay in the building where it was made until it falls apart; it is on sale for the asking price of the building. The buyer of the artwork will keep three photographs and three test tubes of primary materials that were used for the realization of the artwork, all of which form a part of the Module installation. The money will be used to purchase the building in which Module was created with the intention of providing a familiar, yet challenging place of reference for artistic activities that young artists working in Venice have long been in need of. By this point in the future, the initial artwork will have dissolved, and the building itself will become a Module: an independent fundamental unit that can be used to construct.

* This initiative was born spontaneously and contemporarily with the making of Module. As a young artist studying and working in Venice, I have been not just a witness, but also an active part of what could be considered a young artistic movement in this city. Alongside daily independent research and development, we have created various group projects, starting with yearly summer workshops at Forte Marghera, led by our professors from the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice (specifically those of Atelier F), to founding the artistic association Fondazione Malutta that has already had numerous exhibitions around Europe. In the summer of 2019, another initiative was born, Simposio di Pittura, hosted in a run-down Venetian palace which provided a dialectic space for young artists to work. This
initiative’s goal is to secure a space where coherent and quality work can develop and thrive for more than 50 young artists in the city they live and work in.

This project was realised during a residency period and with the support of Gervasutti Foundation.