Nežka Zamar is an interdisciplinary artist born in 1990, 850 m from the Slovenian-Italian border, where Western, Eastern and Central Europe collide. She studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice, obtaining her BA diploma in 2013. She continued her studies in visual arts at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University in Istanbul, and later graduated with her MFA at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice. She continues to collaborate with Atelier F, the Venetian Academy’s art studio, and is an active member of the art collective Fondazione Malutta since its foundation. From 2012, she participated in and co-organized various workshops, residencies, and solo and group exhibitions around Europe, including two group shows at Monitor Gallery in Rome, a collaboration with the Albaninan Pavillion at the Architecture Biennale in Venice, and a participation and book presentation at Mediterranea Young Artists Biennale. Her interdisciplinary artistic practice focuses on the interspace between materiality and concept, researching the boundaries of artistic mediums through subject representation. She currently lives and works between Ljubljana, Slovenia and Venice, Italy.
​An inherent part of my working practice is a hermeneutical approach to Chaos regarding all the elements that constitute it: a precious collection of objets trouvé and their interchangeable relationships. My practice operates within the interspace where the concept can be considered a found object and the found object considered a concept. An integrative approach to artistic languages used for representation is also a part of it; each of them can be considered the subiectum, a focal point of artistic research. I follow this modus operandi throughout the entire working process, starting with reinterpretation, occurring through the act of observing, and documentation. This approach is further elaborated by work with different mediums, developing the materiality alongside the concept, applying them to each other accordingly, analysing them and pushing their limits. Considering myself a side-kick of artworks-in-process and a translator of stories surrounding us, I more often than not find myself researching down numerous rabbit holes, not just to understand the particularities of the subject in question, but to draw the lines, to repurpose, reproduce, and find new connections.