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A Soundwalk

recordings, QR codes, book 

2021, 2023

A Soundwalk is a project that sits on the threshold between visual arts, literature, performance, sound, and street art. Pushing the limits of painting as a medium, it focuses on the visual research of the unmaterialized images. It is structured as a soundwalk, and its main component is a web of narratives, mapped out through the city, assigning collected records to their specific locations. Adding another layer to the cityscape, this interactive sound map operates outside the perceived timeline. The sounds of the re-created environment reproduce intangible imagery, that remains on the verge between fiction and reality.

Concept, research, photography, book design, on-site work: Nežka Zamar

Audio editing, web and technology solutions: Orhan “aib” Kavrakoğlu

A Soundwalk, Chapter I was created, presented, and published in Košice, Slovakia, in collaboration with Kair art residency, co-funded by Anna Lindh Foundation, the European Union and the Slovak Arts Council.


A Soundwalk, Chapter II was created, presented, and published in Pardubice, Czech Republic, in collaboration and with the support of OffCity Pardubice art residency, co-funded by the National Renewal Plan and the statutory city of Pardubice.

Photo credit: Tatiana Takáčová

A Soundwalk, Chapter I

A Soundwalk, Chapter II

The Blue in-between

two channel video installation

7.21 min 


The Blue in-between is a video installation created in an attempt to overcome the status quo of physical borders. The installation consists of two video projections and the voiceovers of the two artists narrating their personal relation to something familiar between them: the sea, uniting, yet detaching them simultaneously. Two different experiences, two personal stories, one centered in Northern Adriatic, one in Gaza Strip, meet at a point that provides the audience with a sense of the importance of the sea in different contexts and a wide range of feelings associated with the Mediterranean.

Concept, video and recording Channel 1: Nežka Zamar

Video and recording Channel 2: Mohammed Al Hawajri

Translation, subtitles: Husam Abusalem

Co-founded by Anna Lindh Foundation, the European Union and the Slovak Arts Council

Photo credit: Tatiana Takáčová

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